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No time to complete the time consuming initial applications, function reports and work history reports?

Do you not have enough work to justify hiring another employee but too much to currently handle?  We can help you to fix that problem, as well. Our staff is trained and willing to help support your business.


We will solve that problem. 

Complete Case Management


We offer Complete Case Management from the time you secure your representation forms up to your hearing date.  Our one-time case management fee will cover from initial application all the way to your hearing date.

Your clients want to hear from you.  We will solve that problem, as well. Every two to three weeks, we call your client to see if anything has changed or suggest ideas to help improve their chances of getting a favorable decision.  You will receive an email of all our correspondence with your client.

Finally, we offer the time-sucking task of reviewing all exhibits and medical records for your brief and hearings.  We will layout all the key information from the record and send you some possible questions you may want to ask at the hearing.


Case Support Packages


Or do you have just a few case details you would like help on?  You can choose from individual packages as well. Have specific needs? Let us know, we can work up a plan. 

Please reach out if you have any questions


Complete Case Management

  • Intake paperwork
  • Filing initial and appeal paperwork
  • Request 3rd party statements
  • Request medical source statements
  • Completion of any additional paperwork by DDS or OHO
  • Call client every two to three weeks to provide update/obtain any new evidence


Review Medical Evidence

  • For helpful information to use for briefs or hearings
  • Up to 750 pages
  • Each additional 100 pages will add $15 (to be paid later, if need be)


Complete T2 and T16 Claim Paperwork

  • Securing representation paperwork
  • Completing online application
  • Completing paper SSI application – then faxing to field office
  • Completing disability report


Complete Intake Reports

  • Work history report
  • Function reports
  • Pain questionnaire
  • and more


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How does short term disability work?

The short term disability gives employees a benefit to get the specified amount of salary in the case of injury or falling ill and is unable to perform the job duties. This benefit is generally around 40-60 per cent of the employee’s weekly gross income. The short term disability, however, is usually for things that are to be cured in a limited period of time.

How long does it take to get disability?

A disability could be developed over time, and there are no certain amount of times to be decided on getting disability. It could be either on an immediate basis or could be developed over a long period of time. Also, claim the disability benefits could be subjective to the situations and could be dependent on different factors of the disability.

What is social security disability?

SSDI or Social Security Disability insurance is a way of getting benefits for the workers who are unable to support themselves. However, this is only in the conditions where they have long-lasting medical inability or impairment. If you meet the criteria of work history and medical impairment according to the SSDI, you can claim it regardless of your gender and other such factors.

What is my social security disability benefit amount?

As of Nov 2019, the estimated average benefit from social security disability amount was $1,237 per month. This, however, was subjective on different factors including the disability you have got and the lifetime earnings that you have had. The average is just based on the total receiving that people have had from SSDI, and it can vary according to the specific cases.

How to get disability for depression?

While the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not have a separate listing for Depression in its Impairment Listing Manual or “Blue Book,” the condition is considered under Section 12.04 Affective Disorders. To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits on the basis of an affective disorder, your medical records must satisfy the criteria of the above-stated section to make you able to get the disability claimed.

How long does it take to get a disability check after approval?

It might take a month or two to get your check processed after the approval of your disability. You might have to wait for even more to receive the payment. This is considered to be the processing time that SSDI takes to clear the payments in every case.

What is intellectual disability?

Intellectual disability is the sort of disability that is counted and characterized by significant limitations in thinking, learning, reasoning and such intellectual functions. It could also be counted with adaptive behaviour in an individual. This disability is not found in any functioning of the body but in the ability of the mind.


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